December 2014

New exhibition concepts

Designs finalised and approved for new exhibitions in Phase I: Chemistry, Hydrological Engineering / Bridges and Tunnels, Electronics, Robotics, Mathematical cabinet, Model Railway, Agriculture and Nutrition, Music, Photo and Film. For the other exhibitions in Phase I, detailed concepts are complete.

December 2014

The new Electrical Centre

Completion of subterranean shell construction for the new Electrical Centre.

September 2014

The Deutsches Museum is growing

Land purchased in Erding outside Munich for the future central depository of the Deutsches Museum.

May 2014

General agent for construction project

Dieter Lang is appointed by the Administrative Board as the general agent for the Future Initiative construction project.

April 2014

Taking stock

About 1,300 holes are drilled into walls, ceilings and floors to investigate the load-bearing capacity and stability of the more than 100-year-old building.