Legends have landed

Fokker, Wright-Flyer & Co. had to be taken down for fire protection works - a unique opportunity to take a closer look at the legendary aircraft.

The Fokker of the “Red Baron” has landed! Our reconstruction of Manfred von Richthofens famous WWI plane is standing on the ground of the historic aviation hall now. Right next to it the Wright-Flyer is parking, the only conserved Model-A-plane. And the Bleriot XI from 1909 has terminated its “flight” underneath the ceiling as well. All those legends of aviation had to be taken down because the fire protection of the rear wall of the exhibition hall is being modernized. Fokker, Flyer & Co. were in the way of the necessary scaffold. This creates the unique opportunity for our visitors to get a very close look at the historic planes on their new “low” location.