Discover fascinating aircraft from two centuries in Schleissheim.

From the Lilienthal glider to the Eurofighter: With the 70 aeroplanes and helicopters on display from every era, the Flugwerft Schleissheim offers a tour of the history of aviation. The Flugwerft Schleissheim is located at an historical aerodrome that is still in operation. It was built by the Royal Bavarian Flying Corps in 1912. The core of the branch museum comprises fully refurbished buildings from that era. For the opening of the museum in 1992, they were complemented by a modern exhibition hall and a restoration workshop designed to let visitors watch the specialists working on the aircraft. The exhibitions currently include the Starfighter F-104G, the Hansa-Jet and the VJ-101 vertical take-off fighter. These three aircraft had to be moved from their regular locations in the Aeronautics section of the main Deutsches Museum for the duration of the modernisation project. Aviation buffs can still see them at the Schleissheim branch museum until they are returned in 2019.