Connection with light

The new connecting walkway to the Centre for New Technologies is provided with colourful light-demonstrations.

The way to the future is here – and it's blue! Clearly visible from the east bank of the Isar River, our new walkway connecting the main building to the Centre for New Technologies (ZNT) is ready for visitors. The insulated panel design with ventilation louvres is about 117 metres long, with an inside width of 3 metres and a 3.17-metre ceiling. It is accessed from the Physics section in the first floor. Supported by nine steel girders (with a total weight of approx. 85 tonnes), it bypasses the facade of the Aeronautics Hall at a height of 9.5 metres and leads straight into the special exhibition area. At two bends, floor-to-ceiling glass walls present a view of the Isar parkland. However, the inside of the walkway also offers plenty to look at: Five different light displays turn the walk to the ZNT into an experience. Visitors will be fascinated by the coloured shadows, a look at their own infrared silhouette and the almost magical phenomenon of shifting motifs. The new route was needed because the ground-level access to the ZNT is now blocked through the refurbishment work being carried out in the Aeronautics section.