From "Aunt Ju" to Airbus - the planes are returning to the museumisland.

There were a lot of fans escorting the Junkers Ju 52 on its way to the depot in June 2016. The exact date of its return to the museumsisland is not known yet, but one thing is guaranteed: Being a flying icon of the propeller plane aera the "Aunt Ju" will find a very special place in the new aviation section. Amongst others you will then meet the Starfighter or the Dornier Do 27 there again. And there will be new large exhibits like the prototype of the Grob G180 or a modern ultralight plane bound to become favourites. In total about 100 exhibits and models will illustrate the physical foundations of aviation, flight systems and air traffic. In addition 30 media stations and 20 demonstrations such as flight simulators will make the new aviation section a highly informative and understandable experience.