See you at CNT!

Also "Nano- and Biotechnology" is now updated.

In 2019 the Center for New Technologies (CNT) celebrated its tenth anniversary. A long period for "new" technologies. That is why we are using the coming months to update the "Nano- and Biotechnology" exhibition as well. Currently, this part of the museum is no longer accessible to visitors because the temporary connecting walkway has to be dismantled again - also to facilitate the return of the large exhibits in the aviation hall. After completion of the first phase of renovation, the CNT will once again have many exciting pieces waiting for visitors, such as the genetically modified goat or the ferrofluid, and participatory exhibits such as the DNA laboratory in its unmistakable "Ufo" or the interactive theme island from our partner and sponsor Amgen. Until then, you can take a virtual tour of the "old" CNT at any time.