Closed until further notice

Due to the high incidence values for the city and district of Munich, the so-called Corona emergency brake is currently in effect. Therefore, the Deutsches Museum and its branches will remain closed until further notice.

Questions & Answers

The entire exhibition building will be refurbished and renewed from the ground up. The first phase of construction began on October 18, 2015: Half of the exhibition spaces are being cleared out. The construction work will start in the autumn of 2016. During this first phase, to be completed in 2021, the Deutsches Museum will remain open to the public with 25,000 square metres of fascinating science and technology – more than you could ever see in a day. In 2021, the section of the building closed for the first phase of construction will re-open with many new exhibitions. Then the modernisation of the second section of the building will begin. The entire Deutsches Museum will be re-opened in 2025, in time for the museum's 100th birthday.

More than half of the exhibition space will be open during both phases. This means that, even while under construction, the Deutsches Museum will still rank among the world's biggest museums of science and technology. For an overview of the exhibitions, see below.

Printing, Photo and Film, the Model Railway, Modern Aeronautics, the Museum Tower, Musical Instruments I, Optics, Paper, Space Flight, Robotics, Welding, Telecommunications, Tunnels, Hydrological Engineering, Materials Testing. The previously closed exhibitions Agriculture and Food Science, Particle Physics, Bridges and Chemistry will remain closed. In 2021 this first phase of construction will re-open with entirely new and redesigned exhibitions.

During the modernisation work, at least half of the exhibition space, including many highlights of the collections, will be accessible at all times. To see all of the exhibits in the 25,000 square metres of open areas, you would have to walk 9 kilometres. So it's worth coming often. You can see something new every time.

We will be showing you many entirely new exhibitions, and are updating others. Our teams of curators, exhibition designers, media planners, architects and craftsmen are currently finalising the details for the following areas, which will open in 2021: Atomic Physics, Bridges and Hydraulic Engineering, Chemistry, Federal President's Prize, Electronics, Foucault's Pendulum, Tech and Tinkering Lab, Photography and Film, Health, Historic Aviation (1918–1945), Kids' Kingdom, Energy - Motors, Agriculture and Food, Mathematics, Model Railway, Modern Aviation, Musical Instruments, Classical Optics, Astronautics, Robotics, Image Script Codes, TUMLab.

Under Insights you can get an advance look at selected exhibition concepts. Share the excitement as we look ahead to the most modern Deutsches Museum ever!

Selected aircraft will be moved to the Flugwerft Schleissheim and put on display there. Popular attractions such as the flight simulator and the electron microscope will still be on hand for visitors to experience, and will only be moved to new locations in the exhibition building. For Kids' Kingdom, which is located in the section being renovated, we provide a new location next to the mine-entrance since 5th of June 2016. During the modernisation project we will also be offering extra tours, demonstrations and special events to make your museum visit even more enjoyable.

The special exhibitions and the New Technology Centre will be open during the entire modernisation period. In addition, all areas of the branch museums – the Verkehrszentrum transport museum, the Flugwerft Schleissheim aviation museum and the Deutsches Museum Bonn – will be open to the public.

Would you like to get involved in the modernisation of the Deutsches Museum? Then become a member! You'll have an annual pass for the main museum and all three branch museums along with many other attractive benefits. You can also make a direct donation to the modernisation projects that mean the most to you.

Come and visit us and keep in touch: Through our blog and social network channels we'll provide constant updates on the latest developments in our modernisation activities.


Academy Collection
Altamira cave
Amateur Radio
Electric Power
Energy Technology
Glass Technology
Historic Aviation
History of the Deutsches Museum
Kids’ Kingdom
Machine Tools 
Musical Instruments 2nd floor
Observatory East
Observatory West 
Power Machinery
Shipping / Marine navigation
Sundial Garden
Technical Toys
Weights and Measures

Agriculture / Food technology
Atomic physics
Bridge building / Hydraulic engineering
Centre for New Technologies
Federal President's Prize
Materials testing / Welding
Model railway
Modern aviation
Museum Tower
Musical Instruments I
Nanotechnology and Biotechnology
Printing technology
Photography and film
Space flight

Directions and address


We recommend taking public transportation to the museum. 

Isartor station

Line 17, Deutsches Museum
Line 18, Fraunhoferstrasse
Line 16, Isartor 

Line 132, Boschbrücke
Line 52, Baaderstrasse

Line 1 + 2, Fraunhoferstrasse 

Some parking is available in nearby parking garages. However, driving directly to the museum is not recommended.